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Having the Courage to Leave the Box

A little while ago I was watching a YouTube video of Jacob Collier (musical genius) talking about his music production process.

At one point he said, “ If I'll have the courage I'll do this and that…” (musical production reference).

At that moment I realized how important courage is especially if you're attempting to create art.

Often, upon finishing different projects, I've had the feeling that the music isn't in the right "packaging" so to speak. I finally understood why. Untill that moment, I’ve never let myself record, produce and release music exactly how I imagined it.

Up until that point In my musical life, I would take whatever musical idea I was working on and filter it through acceptable musical boxes- Meaning, already existing frameworks of music and music production. I never had the courage to completely leave the box.

Don’t think I’ve gotten there yet, but I’ve started to have the courage to try.

Don’t think I’ve left the "Box" yet, but I’ve started to have the courage to try.

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