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The trap of Inspiration

We all love being inspired, we love the exhilarating feelings that over come us, the feeling of finding something whether it be an idea or song that is so great we cant imagine how we have lived a full life prior to its discovery.

during those unique and magical times we tend to take upon ourselves new practices, missions or goals.

The Talmud has a famous saying:

"תפסת מרובה לא תפסת"- If you try and catch too much you catch nothing at all

Often during times of inspiration, we take on a commitment that will probably end up stopping after a short while. unfortunately, this can lead to a tragic disbelief in ones self in regards to having the ability to change and evolve over time.

The real danger of inspiration is that it ends - Don't get me wrong when inspiration comes around must use the opportunity to maximise productivity. More importantly during these times, is to take that first step on a project or idea we've been pushing off, make that phone call, ask that person out on a date etc. Use this special time to plant the seed so when it ends you've already made the first step which is always the hardest.

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